Recent events leading up to Spring Break

Posted by Kathryn Thomas on 3/29/2018 2:00:00 PM

3rd Grade Scientists


Whittaker's 3rd grade class

 Shout out to Whittaker's 3rd grade scientists working together on bridge construction.  This is NGSS in the works--collaboration and problem solving! Looks like students are having fun while learning thorugh the inquiry approach. 



Kinder Round Up dental booth Language assessment

Shout out to all involved in the Kinder Round Up day in March.  Over 50 families participated during the day to sign up our 18-19 students and visit assessment and screening booths. 

Dance practice for May 3 Festival Dance Practice!


Shout out to teachers and students who are busy practicing their class dance for the upcoming May Dance Festival! May 3rd will be a fantastic celebration thanks to the dedication and preparation of each and every HES participant. 

Celebrating St. Patty's at HES

 HES regularly embraces holidays and cultural events. Shout out to all who participate in celebrating any and all heritages on these special days. 

4th grade field trip to the Capitol

Mrs. Blanca Godinez and her class took a field trip to Sacramento to see the Capitol and Sutter's fort.  Shout out for representing HES!