• One of our main concerns in the District, especially given our alternative instructional models due to the COVID-19, is daily school attendance of all the children in our community. Education Code 48200 does require compulsory daily school attendance for students 6 to 18 years of age.

    California Education Code does allow excusable absences for the following reasons: 

    1. Illness
    2. Medical, dental or optometric services
    3. Funeral services for immediate family
    4. Quarantine

     The parent/guardian of the student must send a note and/or call the school to clear any absence. Failure to excuse the absence results in a recorded truancy on the student’s record.

    Another way to ensure your child’s daily attendance is by review the school’s calendar and planning family holidays and vacations to occur on school holidays. Even parent notification to the school of a student’s absence for family vacation results in loss of instructional time for the student in an unexcused absence. Some other examples of reasons that are inexcusable for student absences are: 

    1)  Going shopping                                                                                              2) Oversleeping

    3)  Student’s Birthday                                                                                         4) Visiting relatives

    5)   Minor Illnesses                                                                                              6) Family Moving

    7)   Child care by student at home


    All schools will send a formal letter to the parents/guardians of students who accumulate 3 days of unexcused absences. This letter will inform the family of a potential declaration of truancy on your child’s school record according to the Education Code 48260. Keep in mind that regardless of distance learning, blended learning or a traditional schedule, attendance is required and will be taken daily.



    The tardy policy will be followed. Note that excessive tardies will cause ineligibility for the annual perfect attendance award. Please refer to page 10 Attendance/Tardies in our School Handbook.


    We appreciate your assistance since every day of good school attendance counts towards your child’s success.