• Thank you for your support!

    The District is actively working to improve our school facilities in many ways.  Measure F Bond Funds, as well as, other funding sources are helping to improve the Hamilton Unified School District experience for our students and community!  We are excited to share the following projects:


    High School Site Expansion:

    Measure F Bond Funds were used to purchase land north of the High School for future site expansion.

    Future home of Hamilton High School


    Measure F Bond Funds were used to upgrade the Hamilton Elementary Restroom facilities.

    HES Restrooms Before and After


    HUSD is working with climatec on a Comprehensive Infrastructure Modernization & Utility Savings Program

    On February 23, 2022 the HUSD Board approved Climatec, LLC to help the District fund and address existing infrastructure needs and to hedge against utility escalation in a strategic manner to achieve the community's goal of modernizing aging infrastructure to increase student and staff comfort and improve learning environments, while also reducing electrical loads and utility costs.

    Under this program:

    • LED lighting has been installed (1,282 interior fixtures replaced, plus field lighting and bollard lighting at the High School)
    • A building automation system is being installed
    • HVAC units are being replaced
    • Solar arrays have been installed at Hamilton Elementary and Hamilton High School 

    HUSD has 3 new solar arrays