• The goal of the Hamilton High School Booster Club is to provide the best sports equipment, uniforms and supplies for the enjoyment and safety of all students as well as provide scholarships to qualifying athletes.

    As with any athletic department, ours needs additional support from the community. Many years ago parents saw there was a need for support so the Hamilton High School Girls & Boys Athletic Booster Club was formed.

    We currently help support the following sports:

    • Baseball
    • Softball
    • Football
    • Wrestling
    • Track
    • Basketball
    • Volleyball
    • Soccer
    • Cross Country

Member Activities

    • Meet monthly
    • Establish 5 year and annual budgets
    • Establish scholarship amounts
    • Set funding priorities


    • Fireworks booth
    • Labory Day parking
    • Raffles and auctions
    • Sale of Boosters collectibles and sporting goods
    • Membership drive/donations


    • Five year replacement program for all sports uniforms
    • Supported start up of wreslting program with mats and uniforms
    • Purchased softball pitching machine
    • Partially funded the sound system for new football stadium
    • Completed football announcers booth (supplying volunteer labor and materials)

How can you help?

    • Become a member! (anyone can join, whether your child plays a sport or not)
    • Participate in our fundraisers
    • Volunteer at our athletic events

Booster Club Bylaws

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