What is the purpose of a School Board?

  • School board members are individually elected by the community they serve

    • Each school district is governed by a school board that is accountable for the performance of schools in their district.
    • They represent the community’s diverse beliefs and values.
    • School board members are residents of the school district they serve and come from all walks of life — doctors, lawyers, homemakers, teachers, architects, truck drivers, professors, business owners, real estate agents and more.

    School boards govern at board meetings

    • Hiring and evaluating the superintendent
    • Adopting district policies
    • Approving Local Control Accountability Plans
    • Adopting and monitoring budgets
    • Monitoring district performance and student achievement
    • Actively listening to public comments

    School boards serve the community

    • Listening to their ideas
    • Engaging them in setting the district mission and goals
    • Making student achievement a priority
    • Advocating on important K-12 policy issues for all students
    • Representing the district at community events
    • Ensuring accountability for student and district performance

    School board members give the gift of time

    • Preparing for and attending board meetings
    • Responding to constituents
    • Participating in board training and development
    • Attending community events


    To learn more about your school board or attend an upcoming meeting, please see the board meeting dates on the left hand side of this page (also available on the event calendar on the main page), contact the district superintendent’s office ((530) 826-3261 Ext. 6011) or local school board member.